Monday, November 17, 2008

Glorious Day

Let me take a minute to mentally illustrate my personal utopia.  Firstly, the weather will be sporadically warm all year round but it will be a mainly chilly terrain.  No matter where you lived, in a short 20 minutes drive you can either visit the beach, the forest, the mountains, a tropical area an any other destination you aspire to add to your small collections of memories.  Also, love in the opposite sex will be difficult to find for everyone.  Hopefully, this equality of love will diminish the idea that love is silly.  Although love in a partner will be challenging there will always be love all around.  I would also like to make my utopia scarce in the paper dollar.  Instead i would promote trading posts and insist on everyone being more giving.  I am aware of the personal drive in individual's success and i will never hinder someone from achieving their personal dreams in excessive wealth and extreme popularity.  I would also make sorrow rare for that emotional is somewhat crippling.  And i know what you're thinking, "without sorrow, there is no elation."  Not in my utopia.  All that is good is abundant.  And abundance in happiness can occur when you have never experienced one trial.  And people would not take it for granted because that is just not how my utopia works. :) Oh the colors that will surround your plain sight!  I would abolish the overused grey.  Pavement will be replaced by grass.  Yes grass.  Everywhere you step, a perfect sheet of a rich green grass will carry your weightlessness in this utopia.  The waters will sparkle with pinks and purples, not form a sunset or sunrise, but its natural glow will be a surreal moment.  The sky will be a deep blue and at night galaxies and undiscovered planets will be so close you could reach out and touch it.  The stars will be created be lovers who want to create a symbol of love for all to see for all eternity.  When the hour became afternoon and the sun began to decent from the sky, its reflection will make the world gold.  For one minute of everyday, the world will glitter like a spread an uncountable amount of diamonds on everything.  In that one minute of everyday, Heavenly Father will sing his children to sleep in a language only he knows but somehow we understand.  Unfathomable?  Yes.  Obtainable?  Of course.