Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mr. Burns

I really like Cuddy and House together. For reals.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I love how Brave the internet makes me!

Technically I can say anything right now on this webpage of scarce readers. But do to my high level of tact, and respect, which many lack when entering into the world of text, I choose to only state an opinion. I would not say anything on here I wouldn't in real life. But only few would be able to say that. With levels of online bullying and confrontation raising in numbers, the integrity and courage of normal human interaction is slowly leaving. There has been so many times when people get a sudden burst of bravery behind a computer screen, and wrote me rude messages because they think that they are safe behind their words. I just have one word describing those who are unable to communicate issues in person; coward. Who knows how many disputes can be solved or avoided with a simple phone call. Communicating through text is just too unreliable. You don't know what the other's tone is, or how excited, or lethargic they truly are. It promotes dishonesty. Yet we also become too honest through text. Remember, communicating through text is not effective.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

People who look like animals

I love it when I come across someone who resembles an animal.

People say I look like a bird. —————————————> me
But I'm a beautiful bird.

I know someone who looks like an ape, but they aren't black. They actually carry a shocking resemblance of Nintendo's Donkey Kong. I can't really post a pic, they might see.

This is my dad. He looks like a deer. Or is he eating a deer.

I especially like it when I meet people who look like mice, or a horse. It really gives you a lot to talk about when that person isn't around. Then you can use crappy slang like, "horse face." It's not even comical but it gets everyone going.

The one waving is my son. He sorta resembles some sort of bulldog canine species. But, he looks more human than anything.

That sums it up, if you know anyone who looks like an animal, send me pics and I'll post em with my opinion of what animal they look like!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

When the log rolls we all shall die!!

I have bathroom anxiety. I have been unable to make a good bowel movement since I moved in with my mom, and yesterday I worked more 16 hours in a place with uncomfortable bathroom facilities; therefore holding 90% of the deification for longer than 16 hours; henceforth, my stomach hurts today. I've tried solving the problem by running water while going. But since the house is all wood floor, any sound coming from a tile filled room(the bathroom), can and will echo. So rather than just using the faucet noise to ease my anxiety of someone hearing me, I think, "I know, I'll turn the shower on." But that wouldn't work. I would just come out of the bathroom, with my mom sitting in her room, like she is always doing, and would ask, "did you take a shower?" (no privacy) I now try to wait at night while everyone is asleep. But there is another problem. I'm so tired, I CAN'T GO! Ay yi yi. If anyone has suggestions please help!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Let's all step on bugs.

I am plummeting through an endless abyss of sugar covered friends with a bitter middle, and two long, gross, scaly feelers to detect ways to nibble away at someone's spirit leaving them bare boned, tired, and vulnerable. I fancy to lower my balancing features at the end of my legs onto their frail bodies. Their protection from a higher power is as strong as their commitment to their obedience to their baptismal covenants; weak. Therefore if I stomp on those little creatures, they will splatter and squish to the bottom of my sole, powerless yet again. I wait for redemption, for the moment they will fall into the same abyss that I was shoved into, and come to an epiphany. That they might know that those sick little feelers on top of the large heads, picking away at spirits and engaging in the devil's snare, are poison to their own spirits. They poison themselves.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Senility is Bliss

Life's harsh endeavors can add up resulting in physical ailments, and an unstable mental state. I have witnessed the toll the experiences my grandma endured throughout her life through her senile tendencies. She often wakes up late at night asking where her cats are, and if they ran away when I went out the front door. The best question I got this past week was, "who ate all my cookies?" I hadn't eaten any, and my mom stated she only had a few. Obviously Grandma ate the cookies and forgot. Things get weird when she starts to yell at you across the hall, while she is still laying in bed, "Why are you shutting your door?!" Her senile moments can wear away at one's patience, and increase irritability in the home. But, I am now realizing how comical it really is. Some old lady, yelling about losing her cats. It's the typical cliche old lady behavior!

All in all I think there is a lesson to be learned here. Take care of your mind, and body. Turn to Heavenly Father in times of anxiety, and follow the Word of Wisdom. I am a firm believer through the examples of the adult advisors in my ward, and their healthy minds and bodies, that these things will prolong your physical health and decrease chances for senility. :)

Friday, June 11, 2010


Okay, So. Heavenly Father has once again expressed his OH SO WONDERFUL tender mercies. Here are a list of blessing that I have received. Some may say they are merely coincidences, but I certainly THINK NOT.

1. Grades were posted, I got a B in anatomy. (how does that happen when the only time I studied was in class, but then I really only talked the whole time.)
2. I cashed in all my coins. I am now $150.00 dollars richer when I needed it the most! (Something just told me to coinstar those suckers!)
3. All my friends seem to be friends again. (Some upper force of nature)
4. Some tree farm try to sucker me out of $600 for trees for my wedding. Well, the Ebay stars aligned and I got them all for $200, and I can sell those suckers back! (In your face over priced tree farm!)
5. I got my temple recommend today! (I will now join forces with all the other endowed fellers, oh an BE SEALED TO THE HOTTEST GUY EVERR!)

Man, those are like 5 pretty big and obvious tender mercies. I can't wait till those trees come in the mail...OH! and those trees were FREE SHIPPING! (double whammie right there) I mean come on, who gets THIS lucky...Something tells me I am meant to marry Jethro.