Monday, October 13, 2008

Arggg Maties!

Ello mAtties!!!  I ave jus returned from the evil seaaaaaa.  ARRGGG.  Now me ship es covered in barnacles and i've got a bad case of scuuuuurvy. ARGGG.  But the good thing is...I've found me lost treasure! But i hid it away in me blue lagoon.  Fairwell maties!!  ARGGGG

Lucid Dream

I tend to remember my dreams very easily because they are extremely vivid resulting in confusing consciousness with unconsciousness often for a few hours upon being awake. During my sleep on October 12, I had a very clear and fluid dream that didn’t skip around and had very real aspects to it. The time plot I was unsure of but I seemed to be not much older than I am now, but non-the less I was older. I remember myself running south, toward the beach trying to find my father with the knowledge that the rest of my family members were gone, deceased or missing. The context of my dreams leaves me to believe they were dead. As I got closer and closer to the beach I realized the smell of decay and famine in the air. During my dream, I was surprised at the sensory details I was able to experience. I finally reached the ocean and I was in a familiar place. Contrary to the darkness I was still able to make out this specific scenery. Along a dark street full of destruction a row of tall, almost uniformed, homes stood two stories from the ground. The homes had almost no yards and they were strangely thin. Then the disturbing image locked in my eyes as I panicked at the horrific sight. People were burning. I heard the blood curdling screams of the burning humans trying to extinguish the fire in the ocean but their pursuit to put it out was unsuccessful. I then looked around to see a figure of supreme importance. Weather it was good or evil I am still unsure of. I approached this figure with and in a panic I ask him where my daddy was. And he pointed in the ocean of the burning people. I saw my dad, burning in the ocean and the figure told me my dad had joined the unrighteous. My dream ended with me running trying to find a familiar face.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The New Litter Box

Mac and Kitty have been using the same litter box since Kitty was a little girl and we found it time to upgrade to one where Mac didn't struggle to release her excrement into the box.  So we thought one with higher sides would keep her posterior in the box.  But, the first time Mac used the new litter box, she didn't put her butt in the box at all....Instead she stood in the box with her butt out of it and made a bowl movement on the floor, next to the litter box, not in it.  Just one more bit of evidence proving she has down syndrome. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kitty and Mac

I feel as though my post don't do my blogger name justice and the very few people who read this probably wonder who Kitty and Mac are.  They are beloved kitties.  Although, Kitty, it used much too loosely and they are far too ginormous to be referred to as kittens any longer.  I will now present to you a proper introduction to my feline friends.  Mac(short for Macintosh) is the black one.  Kitty(we never gave her a name cause when we found her she was too cute) is the slightly obese orange one.  Mac shows evidence that she may hold a slight case of down syndrome, while gluttony is the deadly sin Kitty can not conquer.  My heart is softened for these fallible creatures.  

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What the Heck

I should be quarantined from the world.  Not from an infectious disease but from my negativity being just as contagious.  Nostalgia dangles a broken past in front of me the same way I dangle delectable fish in front of my feline friends.  7078 is yellow thread weaved into my bleak gray color scheme in my life's loom.  This is my redundant metaphor yet the only way I can explain my self torture effectively.  I thank the world for there oblivion to this technological keeping of my inner thoughts.  

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I have come upon an epiphany!  Since I have shown an interest in the Twilight Saga it seemed as though my very existence became consumed by the idea of falling in love with a vampire.  However, not just any vampire; Edward Cullen to be more specific.  There was no superlative that I could conjure up to fit a description for this Supreme Being.  The more and more the story unfolded the more petulance I gained for my seemingly sane and predictable life.  I developed a craving for the supernatural to salute me and rescue me from a disappointing existence.  As I thought over the vampires perfect qualities in my mind over and over again a sudden epiphany struck me like a lightning bolt from heaven telling me to “snap out of it!”  The author was illustrating what we would become in our after life; Extreme grace, musical voices, undying passion, immortality, perfect vision and acute hearing. This extreme change in my train of thought altered my priorities tremendously.  Chagrin rushed over me as I remembered why I was put on this earth in the first place.  I was so consumed by longing over the unobtainable and wallowing in self-pity of the fact I would never be such an amazing creature that I forgot that my thinking was utterly false!  Stupid girl.  My focus has been readjusted.  I need to focus on making my earthy life the best it can be.  I will become more advantageous and fulfill my duties here on earth to once again be like him; perfect.