Thursday, October 2, 2008


I have come upon an epiphany!  Since I have shown an interest in the Twilight Saga it seemed as though my very existence became consumed by the idea of falling in love with a vampire.  However, not just any vampire; Edward Cullen to be more specific.  There was no superlative that I could conjure up to fit a description for this Supreme Being.  The more and more the story unfolded the more petulance I gained for my seemingly sane and predictable life.  I developed a craving for the supernatural to salute me and rescue me from a disappointing existence.  As I thought over the vampires perfect qualities in my mind over and over again a sudden epiphany struck me like a lightning bolt from heaven telling me to “snap out of it!”  The author was illustrating what we would become in our after life; Extreme grace, musical voices, undying passion, immortality, perfect vision and acute hearing. This extreme change in my train of thought altered my priorities tremendously.  Chagrin rushed over me as I remembered why I was put on this earth in the first place.  I was so consumed by longing over the unobtainable and wallowing in self-pity of the fact I would never be such an amazing creature that I forgot that my thinking was utterly false!  Stupid girl.  My focus has been readjusted.  I need to focus on making my earthy life the best it can be.  I will become more advantageous and fulfill my duties here on earth to once again be like him; perfect.

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Jessica said...

I can't tell you how much I agree with you. I have often felt the same way about Edward and the Cullen family, but your point of view has opened my eyes.... thanks!