Thursday, August 7, 2008

I must be a cynic

I have succumb to cynicism.  I believe the roots of my cynicism stems from my past around, oh let's say, 15 years ago.  I was in a ballet tap dance class and i suffered from allergies.  Itchy throats were not uncommon to spring up as an impulse of the moment type, when something itches the innate thing to do would be to scratch it.  So i did, with my tongue; unfortunately it made a terrible noise.  The ballet instructor then yelled, nay, screamed, nay cursed violently at me with blood shot eyes and gnarling fangs and growled at me commanding me to stop.  Okay, that was a slight exaggeration, but she could have asked my to stop...please.  So with that one seemingly unimportant event that happened in my life i became a cynic.  Just a mild cynic though nothing too extreme.  I would never sit in a theater yelling at the characters to learn how to act, or protest someone's creativity when i finished their novel.  I simply, but secretively, am cynical towards life.  

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AZ Powells said...

we still love you heather :) Even if you are a little odd!!!