Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Everyone's family is different.  Different experiences, trials and tribulations shape the way families interact and react to different situations.  However, in every family there is always the one who starts the "drama," or who falls away from the family unit.  There is always that one who everyone seem to be drawn to, the perfect one, the over-achiever.  Everyone has at least one gay family member (i know that is terribly cliche to say but come on) and there is always one person who you get along with the best who is not in your immediate family.  That one person for me happens to be my cousin.  She is crazy; unfortunately that one personality trait in her is a mirror image of mine.  Our same disconnection to the world leaves us in a permanent loopy state of mind unable to grasp a tiny bit of sanity.  I wouldn't change us for the word. :)  

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