Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Black kids are funny...

I work as a music teacher in a after school program, for an elementary school in bellflower.  I think the ethnic percentage is somewhere between 70% hispanic and the rest black.  There might be a white kid or a red head somewhere in the mix.  Those are rare.  Anyways, often while i am giving a lesson on piano theory to the 3rd and 4th graders, someone will raise their hand and tell me a ridiculous story, having nothing to do with the lesson.  (I have learned patients with this job)  One day this black 3rd grade student raises his hand. 
"Yes Lawrence, do you have a question?"
"My dad said when I grow up I'm going to be a Canadian."  This clearly was not a question.  But I couldn't leave this statement alone. 
"But you are American.  Why do you want to be Canadian?"
"NO...No...a CA-NA-DI-AN."  He pronounced it extra clear.
"I know what you are saying, but what is in Canada?"  I still didn't get the point.
"No, no, no.  I mean the Canadians that tell people jokes and they are funny."

He meant comedian....

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John said...

I truly laughed out loud.