Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dead Like Me

Morality is a blessing!  Thank Adam for death.  
Today I was watching a HBO series titled "Dead Like Me."  If you didn't get the theme of the show from the title, let me further explain.  A girl of 18 dies and a freak toilet seat accident revealing the shows take on mysteries of the after life.  Her first acquaintances as her soul leaves her body are two grim reapers.  Not the ugly, morbidly skeletal ones, but people-looking ones.  These grim reapers give the girl tasks until she graduates from just a spirit to an undead grim reaper herself.  Then I related it to the plan of salvation.   In my own personal thoughts, (feel free to disagree) the state of life, or after-life, that the young woman was in would be equivalent to the telestrial kingdom.  The girl was on Earth but with different privileges.  So all in all, the telestrial kingdom is pretty much Earth but you get to wander around as an undead thing stealing from the dead and getting rich on others misfortunes all because there are no real consequences.  Cool huh?  NOT! I STILL want to go to the celestial kingdom!  LAAAAAA!!

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