Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All you need is love

I never knew people actually read this till today..I got quite a positive response. None having to do with the content within the blog itself, but nonetheless, there are readers!! :)

Here is a question for response. What does it mean to be a "joke." I've used this term many times as an adjective for unfavorable people in my life, but I never really pondered on what it meant till I was called it.

Perhaps it means no one is able to take me seriously. I already knew that. But that is only the faults of the foolishness of the minds permeated by idiocy and no desire to think for themselves. I never blame the ignorant.

Now is being ignorant being a joke? Because if that is so, then I am far from a joke. Although I have yet to obtain knowledge in many aspects of this world, I feel my understanding of that point alone proves I am not a joke. But, I still don't know what a joke is. That's okay.

All I know is that my life is wonderful.. Although there may be a few people who find me...unfavorable, I have my family, my finacee, my best friend and the gospel. Those who don't have those, which there are plenty, should recognize that they too can achieve happiness, but not through other's misery.


Anonymous said...

you dont have any friends haha

Anonymous said...

and you have a mind of a 10 year old. We win some and lose some :)