Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bill drama and my dream house

I watched a movie once saying girls like drama. And as I was watching it I kept telling myself, "not me." But it's soo true!! He mainly mentioned girls waiting till the very last day to pay bills so when they do have to play them they are running around like a MAD woman trying to get everything in order!!!! *breath*

I totally do the same thing! My bills are due the 17th, and here it is the...15th. Two more days to take care of business, yet...even though I have time to write a meaningless blog that only naysayers will read, I will wait till the last minute to pay the bills! In a nut shell, drama is inevitable!

Oh and I would love it if I had a money house...or money stuffed in the walls of my house. "There's always money in the banana stand!" Or in this case...the house....

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Jethro said...

i think we should have a money room and put all of our money in it and we can swim in it like scrooge mcduck