Friday, June 11, 2010


Okay, So. Heavenly Father has once again expressed his OH SO WONDERFUL tender mercies. Here are a list of blessing that I have received. Some may say they are merely coincidences, but I certainly THINK NOT.

1. Grades were posted, I got a B in anatomy. (how does that happen when the only time I studied was in class, but then I really only talked the whole time.)
2. I cashed in all my coins. I am now $150.00 dollars richer when I needed it the most! (Something just told me to coinstar those suckers!)
3. All my friends seem to be friends again. (Some upper force of nature)
4. Some tree farm try to sucker me out of $600 for trees for my wedding. Well, the Ebay stars aligned and I got them all for $200, and I can sell those suckers back! (In your face over priced tree farm!)
5. I got my temple recommend today! (I will now join forces with all the other endowed fellers, oh an BE SEALED TO THE HOTTEST GUY EVERR!)

Man, those are like 5 pretty big and obvious tender mercies. I can't wait till those trees come in the mail...OH! and those trees were FREE SHIPPING! (double whammie right there) I mean come on, who gets THIS lucky...Something tells me I am meant to marry Jethro.

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