Thursday, June 17, 2010

Senility is Bliss

Life's harsh endeavors can add up resulting in physical ailments, and an unstable mental state. I have witnessed the toll the experiences my grandma endured throughout her life through her senile tendencies. She often wakes up late at night asking where her cats are, and if they ran away when I went out the front door. The best question I got this past week was, "who ate all my cookies?" I hadn't eaten any, and my mom stated she only had a few. Obviously Grandma ate the cookies and forgot. Things get weird when she starts to yell at you across the hall, while she is still laying in bed, "Why are you shutting your door?!" Her senile moments can wear away at one's patience, and increase irritability in the home. But, I am now realizing how comical it really is. Some old lady, yelling about losing her cats. It's the typical cliche old lady behavior!

All in all I think there is a lesson to be learned here. Take care of your mind, and body. Turn to Heavenly Father in times of anxiety, and follow the Word of Wisdom. I am a firm believer through the examples of the adult advisors in my ward, and their healthy minds and bodies, that these things will prolong your physical health and decrease chances for senility. :)

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