Thursday, August 19, 2010

When the log rolls we all shall die!!

I have bathroom anxiety. I have been unable to make a good bowel movement since I moved in with my mom, and yesterday I worked more 16 hours in a place with uncomfortable bathroom facilities; therefore holding 90% of the deification for longer than 16 hours; henceforth, my stomach hurts today. I've tried solving the problem by running water while going. But since the house is all wood floor, any sound coming from a tile filled room(the bathroom), can and will echo. So rather than just using the faucet noise to ease my anxiety of someone hearing me, I think, "I know, I'll turn the shower on." But that wouldn't work. I would just come out of the bathroom, with my mom sitting in her room, like she is always doing, and would ask, "did you take a shower?" (no privacy) I now try to wait at night while everyone is asleep. But there is another problem. I'm so tired, I CAN'T GO! Ay yi yi. If anyone has suggestions please help!

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Anonymous said...

Just watch this and everything will be ok.