Thursday, September 30, 2010

People who look like animals

I love it when I come across someone who resembles an animal.

People say I look like a bird. —————————————> me
But I'm a beautiful bird.

I know someone who looks like an ape, but they aren't black. They actually carry a shocking resemblance of Nintendo's Donkey Kong. I can't really post a pic, they might see.

This is my dad. He looks like a deer. Or is he eating a deer.

I especially like it when I meet people who look like mice, or a horse. It really gives you a lot to talk about when that person isn't around. Then you can use crappy slang like, "horse face." It's not even comical but it gets everyone going.

The one waving is my son. He sorta resembles some sort of bulldog canine species. But, he looks more human than anything.

That sums it up, if you know anyone who looks like an animal, send me pics and I'll post em with my opinion of what animal they look like!

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Celeste said...

I never thought you looked like a bird till I read this and saw that picture, but it's only slightly and you are stunning.