Monday, October 4, 2010

I love how Brave the internet makes me!

Technically I can say anything right now on this webpage of scarce readers. But do to my high level of tact, and respect, which many lack when entering into the world of text, I choose to only state an opinion. I would not say anything on here I wouldn't in real life. But only few would be able to say that. With levels of online bullying and confrontation raising in numbers, the integrity and courage of normal human interaction is slowly leaving. There has been so many times when people get a sudden burst of bravery behind a computer screen, and wrote me rude messages because they think that they are safe behind their words. I just have one word describing those who are unable to communicate issues in person; coward. Who knows how many disputes can be solved or avoided with a simple phone call. Communicating through text is just too unreliable. You don't know what the other's tone is, or how excited, or lethargic they truly are. It promotes dishonesty. Yet we also become too honest through text. Remember, communicating through text is not effective.

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